Selling your home in Carroll County Maryland


How can I sell my home Carroll County? 

The first thing you have to understand is that we are in a Buyer’s Market. There is an oversupply of homes currently on the market in Carroll County. Whether you’re in Eldersburg, Westminster, Hampstead, Finksburg, Sykesville, Taneytown or someplace in between, there’s a lot more properties for sale than there are buyers.

Every listing is in competition with other listings that are similar. The first and most important factor is deciding that you really want to sell. This is a very emotional decision, there’s no half way answer or “maybe”, if you want to sell, you have to be fully committed. Once you’ve made your decision it’s time to find a Realtor to get the job done.
Talk to your friends, neighbors and relatives to see if they have any recommendations. You want to find an agent that is familiar with the area you are located in. This is key, because Real Estate is so local. Hopefully several names will come up and you can talk to several. You want to feel comfortable with him or her as you will be spending a lot of time together, sharing some personal and financial information with them. Your Realtor is there to work for you and represent your interests. I can tell you that a good Real Estate agent can become a lifelong friend because we get so involved in our clients lives, we want to see them succeed in life and make good Real Estate decisions.


Setting the Price
Once you’ve decided to list your property in today’s market, the next critical step in the home selling process is setting the price. Sellers naturally focus on not being underpriced; we all want the most for our home! What is the key to getting the most for your home in Carroll County Maryland? It’s not OVER pricing your home. Over 90% of Buyers start their search on the Internet and the first category people search for is price. If your home is overpriced, buyers will see it immediately compared to the other similar listings. How do you know if you’re overpriced? One answer…. no showings. You can’t receive any offers if you don’t have any showings. The market place will determine what price your home is marketable at. Another factor that Sellers don’t understand is that most likely the Buyer of the property will be applying to a lender for financing. Before the lender approves the Buyer’s loan, the lender is going to have an independent appraiser assess the property and set a value. This value is what the lender will lend on, regardless of what the Seller and Buyer have agreed upon. This is why it’s so important to have an experienced agent go over what has sold recently in your neighborhood. Your agent has to know your market inside and out, helping the Seller arrive at a marketable price is more of an art than a science.

Marketing the property
Your Realtor has to have a comprehensive marketing plan. With a marketable price on the property, buyers on the internet are now ready to “click” on your home. Buyers are most interested in new listings, with this in mind; the first 30 days are decisive. Qualified buyers who have been out looking at properties for several months know what they like and what they are looking for. For a swift home sale, these are the buyers you need to attract. When a new listing comes on, buyers and Realtors have set up all sorts of alerts to signal them of this ‘hot’ listing. In order to get the people to click on your listing it needs a dynamite description and GREAT pictures. Let me repeat, GREAT pictures. Unless your Realtor is a professional photographer, he or she should not be taking the principal pictures of your home and property for marketing purposes. They should hire an experienced professional photographer. And there should be lots of pictures, at least 20 to start with. Be a nosey neighbor and go to my website, type in your zip code in the search engine and start looking at listings. How quickly do you go by the listings with one picture? Once you open up a listing, can you tell the difference between agent pictures and professional photography? Of course you can! The listings with great pictures makes you want to see more.
There’s a lot more to marketing your property, it starts with price, then moves to pictures. Now, what’s in those pictures is also very essential. In my next sellers post I’ll talk about “staging” and “curb appeal”. 

My name is David Post and I’m a full time Realtor here in Carroll County Maryland. If I can assist you or someone you know in either buyer or selling a property in Carroll County or any other nearby county, please call me direct at 410-984-2221 anytime. This is what I do and this is what I love…. Real Estate! I’d be happy to send out my Special Report- “29 Essential Tips That Get Homes Sold Fast (And For Top Dollar) ”, just drop me a line at or call me at 410-984-2221.

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